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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Washington Post: Masonic Tour of Washington DC

The Lost Symbol articles are coming thick and fast now. Today's Washington Post features Take a Tour of Masonic Washington: What Does It All Mean? Apparently, Old Town Trolley Tours is considering a Secret Symbols tour of D.C., based on a concept and script drafted by Warren Getler, co-author of Rebel Gold.

There's also a gallery of photos of the George Washington Masonic Memorial and the House of the Temple at Scouting Sites For The Lost Symbol.

And NBC's Matt Lauer is apparently the only person allowed to have an exclusive peek at Brown's book in advance, and is visiting locations mentioned in the book on the Today Show all this week. He will interview Brown on next Tuesday's show.


  1. If Lauer gets in to see Kryptos, there is no justice in this country.

  2. The Lost Symbol cover has these number sequences "22-65-22-97-27" and "22-23-44-1-133-97-65-44" which can be decoded (using substitution) to "POPES PANTHEON" perhaps referring to the Jefferson Memorial which was designed by John Russell Pope, but more likely refers to the House of the Temple, Home of The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction.

  3. Nathan,
    As you well know, I'm not allowed on CIA property for the rest of my natural life. At least, that's what the very unsympathetic man in the flak jacket with the colossal machine gun who ordered my car searched said. I just hope Lauer gets the same reception.

  4. Benjamin,

    I like your solution! Is this a brute-force best guess (based on 22, 97 and 44, and their position), or have you worked out the cipher?

    Recent thinking - since Dan Brown said that a phone number could be decoded from the cover codes - has been that the decipher should give numbers. But "POPES PANTHEON" is sooo Dan Brown. ;)

    The Cryptex


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