Saturday, September 19, 2009

Omaha World Herald. Yawn.

Nice to see the staff at the Omaha World Herald don't editorialize in their locally-written headlines for worldwide AP stories:

"Mysterious Masons ... (yawn)" showed up in Saturday's paper with its snarky headline, chopped down content, and four days after the full article by Hillel Italie ("Freemasons Await Dan Brown Novel 'The Lost Symbol'") appeared in the rest of the world's newspapers.

BTW, I wonder what the Herald's circulation is these days.


Tom Accuosti said...

They are too busy cutting up steaks to worry about some mysterious Masons.

Justa Mason said...

In fairness to the newspaper industry, wire service copy is not a book. It is designed to be chopped down, depending on the amount of space available.

There has been more than one occasion where I've looked with shock at a newspaper and exclaimed "Look! They used my whole story!"


Chris Hodapp said...

I'm aware of that. My objection was to the "Mysterious Masons...Yawn" headline. Uncalled for, unprofessional, and childish.