Thursday, September 24, 2009

New UGLE Website

The United Grand Lodge of England has completely redesigned its website, which includes links to brochures, videos, Letchworth's shop at Freemasons' Hall, a tour of their London building, their publication "Freemasonry Today," and more.

Have a look at


Nathan said...

Clean. Simple. Easy on the eyes.

Indiana's website should look like this.

Nathan said...

Wow, and you thought the crap piled on the Freemasons in the English press was bad.

Chris Hodapp said...

Actually, Randy has a nice clean site ready to go.

Nathan said...

That second comment was meant to go into "Secrets of DC's Masonic Wives".

Don't know wha'hoppen. Must have been before caffeine o'clock.

Chris Hodapp said...

I keep looking at this.
Does it look like a hotel website to anybody else?