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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Catching Up On Masonic News

Some headlines from the three-day Labor day weekend.

Prince Hall Memorial moves closer to completion
The Prince Hall Memorial project is getting underway in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A follow up post on the memorial's website says that a ceremony will be held this coming Saturday, September 12, at 12pm, which marks the birth date of Prince Hall. The ceremony will take place on historic Cambridge Common, and will be followed by a reception at 1pm, at the First Church Congregational, 11 Garden Street in Cambridge. The unveiling of the monument has been postponed to November, and an announcement of the exact date and details will be made soon.

Author Todd Creason has released a follow-up to his book Famous American Freemasons. Famous American Freemasons II is now available from Lulu.com.

Masonic Lodge Gets a Facelift
Huzzahs to the brethren of Williams Lodge No. 38 in Williams, Arizona for their cleanup efforts that were notable enough to come to the attention of the local paper.

Australian Freemasons Dispel Myths
Good story on the Grand Lodge of New South Wales & the Australian Capital Territory in connection with The Lost Symbol, from the Australian Broadcasting System News site.

The Secret World of Freemasonry
This from British Columbia.

Cornerstones show connection with Masons
And a cornerstone story from Lowell, Indiana, featuring Indiana's Grand master, Charles Marlowe.

"The ceremony dates back to when masons built cathedrals in Europe," said Most Worshipful Grand Master Charles F. Marlowe, 62, who was recently inducted as the 159th Grand Master of the Indiana Freemasons.

"They couldn't read and write so they passed their building secrets on from mouth to ear," Marlowe said. "That allowed them to travel and work in that capacity about the country. They relished their freedom and they always had a sense of liberty."

Marlowe, an attorney who lives in Crown Point, remembers attending the Old Grade School, which has been closed for decades, but said he never paid any attention to the cornerstone as a child.

A time capsule full of more than 50 artifacts was placed in the cornerstone. It was opened in 1986, 90 years later. Town historian Richard Schmal was invited to attend.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Big fan of your site but I need to correct something in this post -- there is no Grand Lodge of Australia. Like in the U.S., each state has its own Grand Lodge, and often cooperate with each other, but there is no national Grand Lodge. The ABC story you link to is misleading in this regard. Greg Levenston is the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales & the Australian Capital Territory.

    Ash Thomas
    Earl of Chester Lodge, GL of SA&NT


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