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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ancient and Heroic Order of the Gordian Knot

I have a note from a brother in search of information about the Ancient and Heroic Order of the Gordian Knot.

He reports:

While stationed in Wurznburg, Germany I became a member of SYNOD # 8 in Kitzingen, Germany on 23 March 1974. Over the years I have lost contact with them and my recent attempts to get in touch with any element of the Gordian Knot has been futile to say the least.

Any information that you could provide will be greatfully appreciated.

I do know that Indiana Synod No. 1 met in November 2008 in Indianapolis at Millersville Lodge No. 126, and claimed to be the only active synod in North America.

The degree is worked as a fund raiser here in Indiana to benefit a local charity.

More information about the Order from the great Mill Valley Lodge website in California.

I have been contacted by Lloyd Atterson here in Indiana. Indiana received a Charter in 2002, and at one time, the degree flourished in Germany among military and civilian workers. Apparently, the original organizers lost interest. Lloyd is now the holder of the Supreme Grand Synod keys, which allows him to issue Charters. Currently there are Synods in Indiana and Georgia. Tennessee and Connecticut are opening Synods, as well. Contact Lloyd at Lloyd at A O L (dot) c o m


  1. So say one wanted to start a Synod in their area. Where would one obtain a copy of the ritual? Is there a governing national body? With a website? Or do you have to go somewhere, have it bestowed, and then bring it home, where then one could be started? I searches of the web rendered no major informaiton.

  2. Suppose someone wanted to start a Synod in his area. How would one go about obtaining a copy of the ritual? Is there a chartering grand body that is contactable for such things? With a website? Or is it a "you have to go through it, then you take it back and can start your own" type degree. It sounds like very interesting stuff. I searches of the web did not result in much.

  3. Alexandria Synod No. 2 was founded and chartered today, April 10th. Brothers John Bridegroom, Aaron Taylor and Dave Rice traveled from Porter County to Indianapolis to receive their Charter presentation today. NW Indiana now has the second Synod in Indiana. We look forward to bringing new companions into the Ancient and Heroic Order soon!
    Fraternal Regards,
    Bro. Aaron Taylor
    Porter Lodge #137

  4. i Was a member of Synod 8 in Kitzingen also. We did the degree work in the basement of an old farm house, I wonder if that is what was used in 1974. I was a member of the light of the three stars in Ansbach, FRG and went through the degree while stationed there in 1989. I am now in KY and would like information on obtaining a charter, I still have the degree book (in code) of course. email @ David.a.t.lane@gmail.com. Thank You, David Lane

  5. How does one recover their membership and initiation into the Ancient and Heroic Order of the Gordian Knot? I was accepted into the Grand Synod #8 in Kitzingen, Federal Republic of Germany in the spring of 1986. Thank you, Thomas Greer knuckleball54@gmail.com

  6. Contact Lloyd Atterson at his new email address: lloydatt1@comcast.net


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