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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grand Lodge of Alaska in February

I'll be speaking to the Grand Lodge of Alaska between Tuesday 2/3 and Thursday 2/5, at the kind invitation of Most Worshipful Brother Jared Decker, Grand Master. This year's grand lodge session will be held on Kodiak Island, at the Best Western Kodiak Inn.

Just in case you're in the neighborhood.

Flights to Kodiak are challenging from the midwest, and I am very grateful to GM Decker for all of the trouble it has taken to arrange my passage to their session. More astonishing, he has actually heard me speak before, and still wants me to come up!


  1. Maybe he wants to exact some revenge!
    Seriously, though, your talk at Unity Lodge No. 148, New Britain, CT, was informative, challenging, and encouraging.

  2. Alaska in February? BBBRRRRRRR!

    Better you than me, friend!


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