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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Hon. Sarah Palin & Her Masonic Links

The Burning Taper is reporting on an allegation from the 12.160 MHz Social network (because, as Masons, we all know there's a war on for your mind) that Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is connected to the Freemasons because of a proclamation made in Alaska making April 14-17, 2007 Prince Hall Masonic Week.

I knew I liked this lady from the start.

Now that I know she's "in" on the conspiracy, I'm voting for her.


Note in a later comment that the site's author, Art Carran, refers to Albert "seething energies of lucifer" Pike who announced the three planned world wars, back in the 1800s. It is his contention that "When virtually ANY politician invokes "God," he's really referring to Lucifer."

One commentator makes the statement Does any of this matter? Sorry, but if these Masons show up to a fight in their funny hats and aprons we'll see how well they can take a .45 round. Don't look now, buddy, but Sarah's packing some serious heat, and she's on our side.

Interestingly, the site seems to promote Ron Paul's candidacy. Even though Paul's father was a Mason, and his wife allegedly is an Eastern Star member.

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  1. Weirdos supporting Ron Paul??!?!

    When did THIS start?


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