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Monday, July 28, 2008

Michael Baigent On The Road To Recovery

The Summer 2008 issue of Freemasonry Today is available online (no way for non-UGLE members to subscribe anymore, since it replaced MQ as the internal magazine for their members). In his Letter From the Editor, author ("Holy Blood Holy Grail") and editor Michael Baigent makes a strong appeal for everyone to become organ donors. Michael had a strong personal interest in such matters—on April 10th he received a liver transplant, after eight months of illness. Rumors of his deteriorating health had circulated over the winter and spring, and his condition was very grave. According to his letter, he felt better the very day he awakened from the operation.

Congratulations and best wishes to Brother Baigent on his recovery.

Sign an organ donor card while you're thinking about it.

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  1. Through an error, I accidently deleted a post from "harborgirl."

    It read:
    Mr. Baigent The real spiritual things in life can make us feel loopy. Your not crazy! What if we can know things that are real by the communications of those entities that live in another realm? What if Siegbert was killed?..falling off a horse. Could that explain the tomb slab that Berenger Saunier found? It has a horse being sacrificed on one side of it. What about the bones Berenger found that he cast aside. They were under the slab. Whose were they? A 10 yr old boys? Stay sober the world needs you still!


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