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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Appeal For Assistance from GM of Iowa

Iowa has been hammered this year by one weather catastrophe after another, and the floodwaters continue to destroy lives, homes and businesses. My friend MWBro. Don Mosier, Grand Master of Iowa has issued an official appeal for assistance from his flood-ravaged state:

As you are all aware, Iowa has been severely affected by damaging weather this year. After enduring the record ice and snow storms of winter, we all looked forward to the respite of Spring, only to face unbelievable devastation from first tornados, and now widespread flooding.

The towns of Parkersburg and New Harford, along with other communities were nearly destroyed by the EF5 tornado on May 25. Several Iowa Masons were directly affected by this storm, suffering both personal injury and the destruction of their homes and property. Other tornados and high winds damaged Lodge property in Knoxville. And now, widespread deluges of rain and record river levels are creating havoc in cities and towns across the state, flooding homes, closing businesses, and forcing general evacuation.

Iowa Masons are known for their generosity. Their response to this devastation has been terrific and heart-warming. Some Lodges have opened their doors to house displaced families. Individual Masons have volunteered their labor for community cleanup and sandbagging efforts. I applaud these efforts. Many more have called or written to ask how they can contribute monetarily to aid those affected by this series of devastating events. I urge you and your Lodge to participate in this effort.

Please send all donations, large or small, directly to

Grand Lodge of Iowa
PO Box 279, Cedar Rapids
IA 52406-0279

All funds received will be placed in the Grand Master’s Emergency Fund, for distribution to those needing assistance. Priority assistance will be given to Iowa Lodges and Iowa Masons suffering from the effects of weather related damage.

If you know of any individuals or Lodges who have directly experienced injury, loss, or other damage, please send that information to the Grand Lodge as well so they can be considered for assistance.

On behalf of those unfortunates who will aid from this assistance, I thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Donald E. Mosier
Grand Master of Masons in Iowa


  1. Thank you, Brother Chris, for posting this. Iowa Masons are indebted to you.

    Kevin Christians
    Aradia #249
    Ames, Iowa

  2. Brother Chris,

    Might I suggest that a PayPal donation page be made available? It's a lot easier for us Internet Brethren to donate that way.

    Brother John


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