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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ron Paul Gives Masonic Handshakes On TV!

The Widow's Son over on the Burning Taper took it on the chin over the last month or so for being a flak for candidate Ron Paul. His open support of his own favored candidate drew the online equivalent of carpet bombing by readers who felt such blatant political favoritism had no place on a private Masonic blog site. Au contrére, as these blockbuster photos clearly reveal!

Ron Paul has been an unconventional candidate, with unconventional supporters - from blimps, to support by 9/11 "Truther" moonbats, to cuddling with anti-semitic, anti-Masonic, Holocaust denying loudmouth Alex Jones. So for it to turn out that he's not only an elite, but an Illuminati/Freemason, the pro-Paul blogswelt is justifiably atwitter.

And yet, in spite of RP's concern over a worldwide cabal of elites who secretly control everything, he was caught on Bill Mahr's Real Time clearly giving what appears to be some sort of Masonic handshake to Ben Affleck and P.J. O'Rourke.

This now clearly explains the Burning Taper's mawkish hero worship and his dribbling all over Ron Paul's wing tips. He HAS to support RP, since they are both Masons. Dammit. Now I HAVE to vote for RP, too! Part of that Masonic obligation, you know.

Alex Jones and Texe Marrs must be going crazy. But then I state the obvious...

But Bennifer and PJ also Masons? PJ is actually Catholic, so not much chance there (although, wait - so am I!). He once told this story. "The Catholic Church wouldn't give my grandfather an annulment, even though his wife was crazy. So the next day, he went out and joined the Lutheran Church, the Republican Party and the Freemasons."

You know, maybe Alex Jones and Texe Marrs are right. Maybe we Masons ARE everywhere!

[sarcasm off]


  1. Excellent! We'd have a president who wouldn't need the Secret Service, 'cos the Zeta-Reticulans would bge keeping an eye on him with their alien force-field technology.

  2. The best I can do is verify that P.J. O'Rourke's father was/is a Mason.

    You notice that Paul didn't shake Bill Mahr's hand like that as he is an outspoken athiest.

  3. Correct me if Im wrong, but pointing out something that reveals something...like that is against our oath is it not brethren?

  4. No one knew Hodapp wasn't kidding until you verified it, masonictonic. Off to Morganville with you.

  5. Yeah, blabbermouth.

    There's a lake with your name on it.

  6. Have you forgot that your founding Fathers were Mason. Have you forgot George Washington was a mason to.


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