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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Does Your Grand lodge Allow Alcohol In Lodge Buildings?

I'm researching this subject and need as much information as you are able to provide: does your Grand Lodge allow alcohol in your lodge buildings?

1. Under what circumstances? Table lodge only? Outside rentals? No restrictions? Some restrictions? Non-Masonic gatherings? Please explain as clearly as possible, and please let me know your state.

2. If possible, can you provide the exact wording of your jurisdiction's alcohol regulations?

3. If rules against alcohol have been recently lifted or modified in your jurisdiction, can you provide the exact wording of the resolution that achieved this?

4. Have there been any problems in your jurisdiction concerning the serving of alcohol in lodge buildings?

Feel free to respond to me privately at hodapp@aol.com

Thanks in advance.


  1. Chris;
    Was good to meet you last weekend...I'm Barry, the one that met you outside the building when you pulled up.

    In Kentucky, Sec. 3: The Grand Lodge of Kentucky, Free and Accepted masons, admonishes its members conerning the negative aspects of alcoholic beverages while at the same time advocating the practice of temperance. Drunkenness, as defined by applicable federal and/or state law, is a Masonic offense and should be punished. No lodge shall apply for, nor hold any alcoholic beverage license as defined by the Ky revised statutes and issued by the alcoholic beverage control board. In addition, no lodge shall have a bar serving alcholic beverages.

    The discussion we have the most when this subject comes up is "what is the definition of a bar?" Does this apply to guys getting together on a sunday afternoon in the basement to watch the game, and they bring their own? I don't know....One thing I do know, is that some buildings have a building corporation that is more governed by personal opinions of the members. No alcohol allowed, period. At our York Rite/Blue lodge temple, the only alcohol you will find is wine in the Order of the Temple. Other than that, none is allowed in the building.


  2. Oddly, there is no restriction or ban on alcohol in lodges by the Grand Lodge of Georgia, as far as I can tell, but most Georgia Masons THINK there is, and many individual lodges ban its presence in their lodge buildings. A notice against alcohol appears in the dining hall of my lodge on the list of rules for rental use of the facility.

    Widow's Son

  3. Interesting comments. I've been a Blue Lodge member 54 plus years and was always told "NO ALCOHOL" w/i the lodge building. Now I find it's not a "By the book" rule, but rather a lodge rule? Is that correct? I agree with Barry's comment above about temperance, etc....


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