Monday, January 28, 2008

The Raper Commandery March

My Templar Commandery, Raper Commandery No. 1 in Indianapolis, has had a long and glorious history. I was poking around the Indiana University website the other night and came across a piece of sheet music published in 1913, called The Raper Commandery March, written by Sir Knight Louis G. Buddenbaum. Intrigued, I posted the links on Indiana's Masonic forum, Hiram's Forum.

In almost no time flat, Sir Knight Albert L. Lilly III, a music professor at Indiana Wesleyan College, transcribed the music into a midi file, which can be heard here. Albert became so enthused over it that he is now arranging the march for a concert band.


Jay Simser said...

Hey Chris, Why not sell it to your Eastern Star Chapter. It sounds a lot like the Eastern Star Marches the ladies use to march around the Chapter Room before the meeting (g)

Really it is not too bad but I could see them marching to it. j

Chris Hodapp said...

There's no denying it lacks a little majesty on the midi piano, and it WAS 1913. But c'mon, how many Commanderies have their own march? Looking forward to the orchestrated version.