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Friday, January 18, 2008

The New Freemasonry Today

The first issue of the newly merged MQ and Freemasonry Today magazines is now up on the Freemasonry Today website. It is now the official magazine of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Freemasonry Today has recently made is past issues accessible online for free.

Past issues of MQ will remain archived online at http://www.mqmagazine.co.uk


  1. Well, ok, but the pain magazine's transition is increased by the fact that the website design totally sucks.

    Hotentot Venus

  2. pain of the magazine's transition, even. ;P

  3. True, but it ALWAYS sucked.

    The Real Anastasia

  4. I am a former subscriber to this magazine. Since I am not a UGLE member I was dropped when it stopped being independent. I wrote them and told them I wanted to continue to subscribe, but so far nothing.

    Ok you can read the articles on-line (was not impressed with the contents) but no pictures. They are not doing things right.

    Steinarr Kr.

  5. I think your message just got temporarily ignored during the transition. I read in the messages from last Fall's issue that subscribers who were not UGLE members would continue to receive the magazine. My issue hasn't arrived yet, but it just hit the website yesterday. Give it about a week and see if it arrives in the post. I'm sure they are just settling in with the new arrangements. And with editor Michael Baigent very ill for the last month or so, I'm sure the staff has been scrambling.


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