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Monday, January 07, 2008

Film: The Scottish Key

A new film on the origins of Freemasonry has just recently been released in Europe, with a US/NTSC version promised soon. Written by Belgian researchers Tristan Bourlard and François De Smet, The Scottish Key assembles quite a lineup of Masonic scholars in its interviews: Andrew Prescott, Keith Moore, Roger Dachez, Jessica Harland-Jacobs, David Stevenson, Ewan Rutherford, John Hamill and Robert L.D. Cooper all appear in the film.

A glance through the Gallery section of the site shows a tantilizing selection of period reenactments and attention to detail, with images about the Craft you haven't seen a thousand times.

Anxiously awaiting a US compatible release.


  1. Brother Peter Taylor from Scotland had purchased a copy and wrote a few comments after watching it at LRUK.

    "I received and watched it yesterday! Simply brilliant and a very historic and unbiased account of the Origins of Freemasonry. Again many myths are put to bed! Every Freemason should obtain a copy!"

    Bro Taylor is quite a knowledgeable Bro and if he suggests it is good then I would certainly consider getting a copy.

    Bro Ken

  2. The researchers Tristan Bourlard and François De Smet are not franch but belgian. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the correction. It is fixed.


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