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Friday, September 29, 2006


It seems that a Masonic cornerstone ceremony for a school in Visalia, california has been delayed, or stopped altogether, because of an e-mail from a "concerned citizen" accusing Freemasonry of being a cult.

The Visalia Times-Delta reports:

The reason for ceremony's postponement was an e-mail sent by a concerned citizen to the district, Superintendent Stan Carrizosa said. The e-mail's sender, who the district would not identify, said among other things, that the Masons were a cult.

The e-mail, which included references to the Web site www.freemasonrywatch.org as the source of that claim, also said: "My primary concern is that this ritual Friday will give Satan grounds to oppress or harass the administration, teachers and the students — even if ever so subtly."

The e-mail went on to ask the district to have "mercy on the administration and children of Cottonwood Creek and cancel the ritual or at least postpone it until you are clear in your mind, after due diligence and study, that the ritual is just a dedication or indeed is an avenue of evil to exploit."

One e-mail from a crank stops a centuries-old ceremony that George Washington himself took part in at the founding of our nation's capital.

After considering the concern, Carrizosa said the district plans to reschedule the dedication to take place in the evening, sometime this month so students and parents who choose not to participate won't have to.


  1. This would be funny if it weren't so stupid.

    One crackpot anti-Masonic religionist can stop a time-honored tradition with one email?

    Widow's Son

  2. I'm frankly surprised that a California school is even allowed to consider making a response to an email containing references to "Satan", since that is obviously a religious concept and isn't there supposed to be a separation of Church and State?

  3. Forest Gump described it best... "Stupid is, as stupid does!"


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