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Friday, April 08, 2022

Georgia Grand Masters to Sign Treaty of Amity Saturday

by Christopher Hodapp

The Grand Lodge of Georgia F&AM and the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F&AM of Georgia will hold a joint public presentation this Saturday, April 9th to officially sign treaty of amity documents and cement their mutual recognition. 

Most Worshipful Grand Masters Donald C. Combs of the GL of Georgia and Corey D. Shackleford of the MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia will jointly preside.

The voting members of the MW Grand Lodge of Georgia voted in favor of accepting the Prince Hall Grand Lodge's request at their annual communication in October 2021.

The event will be held at 1:00PM at the Sandy Spring Performing Art Center, 1 Galambos Way, Sandy Springs, GA. 

Unfortunately, reservations for the event filled very quickly, capacity of the venue has been reached, and they can no longer accept any more requests to attend.

As you are aware, the Grand Lodge of Georgia, during the 2021 session, voted to extend recognition to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia. To reiterate, this does not allow for visitation or cross-membership - it is recognizing the Prince Hall Grand Lodge masons as masons and brothers in the craft. This does not impact constituent lodge activities.
To commemorate the recognition, the two Grand Lodges will be having a formal treaty signing ceremony on Saturday, April 9, 2022, at 1:00 PM at the Sandy Spring Performing Arts Center. The doors will open at 11:30 AM.
For more information about the event and the history of the two grand lodges, visit the


  1. Without visitation, this event in 2022 is a reminder of what the problems are in boasting about Masonic claims to be a founder of American values. Separate but equal was ditched by everyone else a very long time ago.

    1. Yes, and...

      Something that the Black community is well aware of, that I *know* impacts Masonic relations, are the results of the Civil Rights Act that don't talked about much.

      Black newspapers went extinct. Some of their publishers and editors and staff went to mainstream papers, yes, but they were more restricted in what they could write. They found they could no longer tell the stories of their own communities, as they saw them happening. The higher level editors and owners censored them, rewrote their words to be more "palatable".

      The number of black owned businesses plummeted. It became harder to find products that catered to their own cultural needs.

      Why would we WANT to dilute the amazing culture our Price Hall brothers have created?

      I'm 41. I envision within my lifetime, a new GL created in a state, that both the historically and predominantly white Grand Lodge and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge both join as sorts of Provincial Grand Lodges, each with their own distinct ritual.

  2. Brothers; This about "Mutual Masonic Respect" not about the separation of "Races"! Let's end this "Black & White" conflict!


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