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Monday, October 02, 2017

Threatening Mail?

The tragedy from Las Vegas last night doubtless has concerns raised all over the country today. I have not heard any news from friends out of that city as of yet, but I send a special prayer to the many Brethren I met there last year. The nation and the world mourn, and words cannot in any way comfort this horrific and senseless loss of lives.

Unfortunately, the timing couldn't have been worse for a piece of mail that came out of Arizona and arrived on Friday. At least one Brother in an eastern state has sent me images of a threatening piece of mail he received that features a cartoonish, flaming, crying "all-seeing eye" and headlined as an "Anonymous [blank] Punisher." 

The sender had an odd way of being an "anonymous" anything, since it was rubber stamped with a name of a "ministry" and a Tuscon, AZ return address. That said, the sender has a criminal record of violently attacking an abortion clinic in 1996, attacking a federal law enforcement official this year, and mailing threats to police officers and to a gay, Jewish legislator in New York, which was followed up by vandalism to his home. With all of that in mind, the Brother has reported this piece of mail to the police. 

I'm the last guy in the world who wants to sound like an hysteric. I would not call attention to this if it was an isolated incident and if not from someone with a proven track record of actually committing violent actions. If you have recently received any sort of threatening mail or messages and you believe it has anything to do with your membership as a Freemason, this person may be involved. Sadly, given the age in which we find ourselves, I urge you to report anything like this that comes your way to authorities. 

(NOTE: Do NOT misunderstand: I am NOT claiming or implying in any way this was mailed by the Las Vegas murderer. The sender's name is known and he has a long documented history of mailings like this.)

If you want to compare something you have received with this particular mailing, contact me at hodapp@aol.com and I will either forward you the pertinent images, or I will place you in touch with the Brother involved.

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  1. The common advice today is "If you see something, say something," and that seems the best approach: not just for presence at a physical venue, but for web-based hostility as well. A track-record of being a vocal malcontent or a "cyber-bully" can at least give authorities some place to start, should a situation escalates.

    As Masons, we are taught that Man is "made for social and active life," and, as such, we have a manifest responsibility: not only to be active in our communities, but to help protect them from those who would do harm.


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