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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Hidden World of London's Templars

The BBC website on Friday posted a pictorial tour of the Temple area of London that once belonged to the Knights Templar. Yes, the famous round Temple Church is there with its stone effigies of several Knights. But there is much more to this secluded area that lies hidden away in the heart of the City.

Read it HERE.

NOTE: One thing to bear in mind if you intend to go to the Church itself is that it is still a functioning church, and NOT a museum. As such, its hours and programs and services can vary. Even before you buy your airline tickets, if such a visit is going to be a centerpiece to your trip, be sure to check the Temple Church website HERE for hours and days of operation.

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  1. Nice pictures and educational article. May stop by Temple Church while visiting London next year. Also plan on taking the "Jack the Ripper" tour.

    Brothers traveling to England with an itinerary entirely in London, may want to spend a couple of hundred dollars more and fly into LCY (London City Airport). LCY is located in the heart of London city. It is clean, has friendly/professional staff, orderly, secure, planes arrive and depart on time, and bags are usually never loss. Personally, it is my airport of choice when visiting London.

    Tom-PEC, Ivanhoe Commandery#4, WA.


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