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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Salt Lake City Temple Open House Saturday 5/7

The Salt Lake City, Utah Masonic Temple is again holding an open house this Saturday to welcome members of the public. From Thursday's Salt Lake Tribune:

Built in 1927, the building is considered the state's best example of Egyptian Revival architecture, a style popularized by the discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922. 
Inside there are several lounges, great and lesser halls, a banquet room and four lodge rooms. The latter are used by various masonic fraternal organizations along the Wasatch Front, including the Masons, their youth and women's auxiliaries, the Scottish Rite Masons and El Kalah Shrine. The lodge rooms are structurally identical with steps, spiral staircases, pillars and seating areas — as well as historical symbols relating to math and science — but each room has a different decorative theme, from Egyptian to Colonial and Gothic to Moorish Spain. 
The auditorium, the largest room in the building, seats 900 and has an "atmospheric" domed ceiling. The dome has inlaid lights arranged as the major constellations, which allows it to mimic sunrise, sunset, twilight and the night sky. 
The stage has dozens of decorative backdrop scenes, believed to be the work of Thomas Moses (1856-1934), one of America's leading scenic artists for the theater at the turn of the 20th century. 
Artwork and artifacts found in the building are valued at more than $450,000 and include works by Leon Cogniet (French, 1794-1890), Henry L.A. Culmer (British, 1854-1914), Richard Murray (American, 1948-) and other renowned artists. 
The Masonic Temple has been used as a set for numerous movies and television shows, including "Avenging Angel," starring Charlton Heston as Brigham Young; Disney's "Halloween Town"; and "Touched by an Angel," said John C. Liley, a past grandmaster.

The Temple will be open from 10AM until 2PM. Volunteers will be on hand to answer questions about the architecture, the history and Freemasonry. Visitors are encouraged to bring canned and nonperishable items for the Utah Food Bank. 


  1. Good example of public relations by the MW Grand Lodge of Utah.

    The "Freemason's Universal Tartan", which was sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Utah in 2004, is still available for purchase. The Tartan is officially registered under the Tartan authority of Scotland and proceeds of it's sale benefits the Grand Lodge. The colors of the Tartan highlights the family of Freemasonry and some of it's major bodies. Google, "Freemason's Universal Tartan" and have a look.:)

  2. The building really is incredible. If any of you are in the area, check it out. The Egyptian Lodge Room, specifically, is my favorite. But it's better to be experienced when the brothers are at work. Travel, it's absolutely worth your time.

    Richard Vier
    Golden Spike Lodge #6
    F&AM of Utah


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