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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Georgia Trying For Masonic License Plates

Worshipful Brother Brian Germann in Georgia tells me that Masons there are trying to get Masonic license plates for their state. So far, they have only gotten 350 orders. Come on, Georgia brethren! The state only requires 1000 orders to put the plates in production. There aren't 1000 brethren out of nearly 40,000 Georgia Freemasons willing to spend a couple of extra bucks to show their pride in the fraternity? Proceeds go to the Georgia Masonic Charities Foundation, as detailed on the order form available here: http://glofga.org/files/msptag.pdf With a thousand plates, that's an extra $10,000 to the Foundation every year, pretty painlessly.

Freemason tags are a great way to get our fraternity in front of the eyes of the community every day, and dozens of states are successfully doing this every year.


  1. Good Brothers, my name is P.M R. Michael Douglas Sr. I would love to be placed on the list of Brothers wanting a GA Masonic Lic. Plate... I also run a Radio Station I can ask Bro's to petition for it.

    1. I *think* this attempt failed to get the 1,000 signups, amazingly. I haven't heard. I had nothing to do with it - I'm in Indiana - and I was just reporting it. But the link is dead now and was from over a year ago.


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