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Saturday, March 14, 2015

100 Man Meeting in Crestwood, MO

The brethren of Crestwood Anchor Lodge No. 443 in Crestwood, MO are planning a 100 Man Meeting for March 26th, 2015. This is a suburb of St. Louis.

Dinner begins at 6:30 PM and the lodge meeting begins at 7:30 PM. Bro. Mark Breckenridge will give a presentation on "Strength" for the night's education. The lodge will be opened on the First Degree, so EA's and FC's are most welcomed.

Interested brothers can visit their homepage at: http://crestwoodanchor443.org/  The Events tab of the homepage will open an expanded Google Calendar that Brothers can view.

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  1. This is their second 100 Mason meeting after having such a success (146) a little under six years ago.

    Past Event was posted her then as well:

    What a great experience.


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