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Sunday, November 03, 2013

New Hampshire Master Mason Seminar

Master Mason Education Seminar
The One Day Mentoring Progrom every New Master Mason Needs 
Saturday, November  9, 2013
MasonicTemple, 53 lronworks Rd., Concord, NH
9:00am to 3:00pm 

Topics covered:

  • History of Freemasonry: Where did Masonry begin and how it has evolved in New Hampshire. 
  • How the system of Freemasonry functions and what it means to you.
  • How the ritual developed in New Hampshire.
  • Lodge Protocol and Etiquette: Understanding how to conduct yourself at a Lodge meeting. 
  • What is Grand Lodge and how it relates to the Master Mason in his own Lodge

 This is an ideal opportunity to begin to develop the foundation of your Masonic knowledge. This seminar is open to all Master Masons. The Grand Lodge Book Table will be available. Coffee,Donuts,& Lunch will be provided. Dress is Casual: Polo Shirt, Collared Shirt, and Slacks. NO Suit or Tie. Handouts and FlashDrive will be provided which include information from many Masonic writers such as Preston, Webb, and Anderson. 

Seating is limited, so register now! Cost: is $25.00 per person. Registration Deadline: Nov.1 Register After November 7, cost is $35.00. To secure your ticket, please mail your check to: Paul Gross, Ed Com, MM Education Seminar, P O Box128, Bradford, NH 03221. Make your Check payable to: "Grand Lodge of NH". Any Questions Email- PaulGross: pgross@tds.net OR Malcolm Woolf: mwoolf@gmail.com 

Northern MM Seminar: April 12, 2O14 at Parker Lodge #97, No. Woodstock, NH

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