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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Neal Bidnick, PGM of New York, Restored to Membership

James E. Sullivan, Grand Master of New York, has lifted the suspension of Past Grand Master Neal Bidnick (2006-2008) and restored to hime the full rights and privileges of a Master Mason. He has found that Bidnick did not commit an act of "moral turpitude" or "scandal or degradation of the fraternity in the public eye." Further, he says that "no larceny or misappropriation of funds occurred and in fact the notice announcing those findings, sent out by the Grand Secretary's office in April 2012, was misleading and incorrect." "The Masonic misfortune of trials, suspension, and expulsion fell upon our Past Grand Master when he was also suffering under extreme personal distress with respect to a matter which involved his wife. This was a time when brothers should have come to his aid to ease the distress, rather than inflame it."


  1. And now, if I were him, I'd demit from every lodge in New York for exactly the reason in the last sentence of the paragraph.

  2. Kudos to GM Sullivan for having the integrity to admit that the Grand Lodge made a mistake. We know from the way things work that he himself now risks the ire of other PGMs who may still be in high places as well as the cronies that they appointed that are still climbing the ladder.

  3. GL of NY has voted to over-rule GM Sullivan and to re-expel PGM Bidnick. 5/7/13


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