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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium 8/23-25

California's Acadamia Lodge No. 487 will host the Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium at the Oakland Scottish Rite from August 23rd through the 25th. Speakers have not yet been announced.
From the website: "This year’s symposium is hosted by Academia Lodge No. 847, California's oldest Traditional Observance lodge. Academia Lodge was constituted in 2004, and has provided a strong program of Masonic education to Freemasons of Northern California ever since. One of the fundamentals of Academia Lodge is our monthly celebration of Lodges of Instruction, in which original Masonic papers and reflections are shared in a candle-lit tiled setting, and then discussed during the formal agape dinner following. Attendees of the MRF Symposium will have an opportunity to experience this essential aspect of the Traditional Observance lodge model. "
PLEASE NOTE: Registration cost is $175 per person, and does NOT include hotel and airfare. See the website here: http://academialodge.org/mrf/

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  1. One important correction, the cost as posted here is incorrect; the correct amount is $175 not including hotel and airfare.

    Fraternal regards,
    John A. Zacharakis, Master
    Academia Lodge #847
    Free and Accepted Masons
    Oakland, California


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