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Thursday, May 17, 2012

From the Grand Lodge of Indiana

The 2012 meeting of the Grand Lodge F&AM of Indiana is now history. Congratulations to MW Gregory C. Wallbridge on an outstanding year as Grand Master, and to MW George A. Ingles on his election as our newest GM.

Three pieces of news for items close to my heart came at today's session. The brethren passed a resolution that now allows lodges to open and do business on the EA or FC degrees, at the Master's discretion. Not long ago ago this was a blasphemous idea and was studied for three years to make sure lodges didn't burst into flames with EAs sitting in them. It was one of our recommendations in Laudable Pursuit, long, long ago. Today, it became permanent by a very comfortable voting margin.

The second was an increase in the per capita for all members in the state from one to three dollars for the operation of Indiana Freemason's Hall in Indianapolis. This, too, passed by a comfortable margin, which tells me that the Masons of Indiana see the work the Temple Board has accomplished over the last few years and felt comfortable enough to express a substantial display of confidence in our abilities and stewardship of that fine building. It is the home of the Grand Lodge, and every Mason in the state has a stake in its ownership. I cannot adequately express my appreciation to the brethren for their trust and their generosity. All of us on the Temple Board thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The third bit of news came in the form of a check for $12,000 from Grand Lodge to the Library and Museum Board, showing their ongoing support of the work of the last two years to create a library and museum that every Mason in the state can be proud of.

Many thanks to all of you.

Photo by Duane Vaught


  1. Perhaps that photo should be featured in the magazine under "Masonic Treasures" :)

  2. If it makes my Brothers in Indiana feel any better about the per capita increase, we in California pay a per capita well north of $30

    Our Masonic Heritage needs to be maintained. My hat is off to all of you in Indiana especially those on the Temple Board. You are obviously doing great work.


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