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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quarry Degree in Connecticut

The Brothers of Moosup Lodge No. 113 in Moosup, Connecticut will once again present a Quarry Rite Master Mason Degree at a working stone quarry just outside of town. The Degree will be on Saturday July 14, 2012.
The Quarry Rite, normally held on or near the Summer Solstice, is a one of a kind degree, performed outdoors, by torchlight, in an operative quarry. Under the stars, standard Connecticut Ritual is augmented by soliloquies written specially for the event. Reservations are required for the cookout dinner.
For more information, please see the front page of the Moosup Lodge Website. Go to: http://www.moosuplodge113.org

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  1. Dear Brother Chris,
    On behalf of Worshipful Master Frank E. Maxim III, I thank you for posting the notice for the July 14th Quarry Rite.
    We had a very good turnout with somewhere between 157 and 175 brothers at the Quarry.
    We had a lot of interest from brothers from all over the US as well as one brother from New Zealand that was thinking of coming to the Quarry.
    I was aware that the "Masonic Life" facebook page had re-posted our original facebook notice but only learned that you posted the notice yesterday.
    It is very likely that your post is what caused all of the extra attention this year. :-)
    Thank You So Much!
    We generally do not do the Quarry Rite every summer because of all of the work that has to be done to get the Quarry ready for the degree.
    We have 4 brothers that run the quarry and get it ready for the degree. One is father to the other 3. That family does a lot for Moosup Lodge and the Quarry use and setup is just a small part of what they've been doing over the years. 2 of the sons are relatively new masons of 6 and 3 years. The oldest son has been a mason for about 9 years.
    Thank You again Brother Chris!
    I hope that your summer has been an enjoyable one.

    Brother Jim Verge
    PM. Moosup Lodge 113 A.F. & A.M. (2011) Moosup, Ct.
    PM. Corner Stone-Quinebaug Lodge 122 (2008) Thompson, Ct


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