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Monday, September 01, 2008

The Masonic Board Game

The Purple Pawn blog reports on the world of board games, and this week, the blog has discovered JTM's The Masonic Board Game.

According to the website,

"The Masonic Board Game is a different Masonic educational tool. Developed specifically for the Masonic body, the Masonic Board Game is a fun and exciting way to learn or teach about Freemasonry! "

The game is for 2 to 4 players, or groups of players, and includes 400 question cards with 1,000 different questions.

The game was created by WBro. John T. Mathews, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. It is available from JTM's website at www.masonicboardgame.com for US$14.99.


  1. It's actually pretty well done. Our lodge had a game night a couple of months back and this was one of the games. The only change I would make to the game is the different categories (or difficulties, as I see them) should be clearer in the beginning.

    We changed the rules in mid-game to only allow ritualists to answer this one category, while new master masons were to answer from this other category. This helped to level the playing field.

    Overall, however, I highly recommend it. EVERY player learned something new and had a bunch of laughs. Isn't that was freemasonry is all about?

  2. are irregular or clandestine masons allowed to play?
    or is their exclusiveness to who can buy it and play?

  3. is their exclusiveness to who can buy it and play?

    It appears to be limited to people who can read.

    From the website:

    Q. Who can purchase your products?
    A. Anyone.

    Q. If I'm a non-Mason can I purchase your products?
    A. Yes. Contrary to popular believe among anti-Masons, Freemasonry is not a secretive society. We only ask that our products be used for the "good" of Freemasonry.

  4. TBC,

    Why do you continue to offer nothing except being a total dill?

    Rex S.


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