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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"In a world..."

In a world where a deadly game of cat and mouse can only be won by a one-man army, we must now sadly live without Don Lafontaine.

Movie trailers will never be the same without him.

See Five Guys In A Limo.

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  1. Thanks for this little tribute, Chris.

    I did commercials at one point during my career. I can hear where Don puts his pitch and emphasis, but there's no way I'd be able to do it the way he does with any effectiveness.

    I'm happy Don got some recognition, even in death, because fame is fleeting in the media. A guy who was a rock jock when I was in high school has recently joined a Masonic Lodge. He and I were talking about Don LaFontaine when a member of his Lodge came up to us, mentioned he had heard me on the air the other day, then looked at the other bro. and said "Are you on the radio, too?" The other bro. had big ratings when he was on the air 30-some-odd years ago, but since he has hasn't been doing a show for quite some time, he's forgotten.

    Don, arguably, took over the title of King of the Movie Trailers from a gentleman named Art Gilmore, who seems to be on every 1950s trailer (especially any involving outer space zombies). Art is still alive and in his 90s. His voice may be more recognisable to anyone who used to listen to Garner Ted Armstrong, as Art was the announcer on The World Tomorrow.


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