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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bro. Jim Tresner & Blogs

The July/August issue of The Scottish Rite Journal arrived today, and it included an offbeat column by Brother Jim Tresner. His regular part of the SRJournal is usually reserved for book reviews. But this issue he takes a look at the wide world of Masonic blog sites.

Spotlighted are:
-King Solomon’s Lodge—Path to Masonic Blogs
-Masonic Blogs
-Masonic Blog of Education
-Kingdom of Conscience
-The Inquisitive Master (Musings in Masonry, pulled from the quarry)
-Cliff Porter's The Relevant Mason
-Richard Powell's Ars Masonica
-Tom Acousti's The Tao of Masonry
-Ed King's Masonic Musings From ME!
-Tim Bonney's Freemasonry Resources
-Charles Tirrell's Masonic Renaissance
-Christian Ratliff's Dispatches from Maine

The Sanctum Sanctorum forum and website gets a worthwhile mention, as well.

As for my tiny corner of the intertubes, Brother Tresner says,

Brother Chris Hodapp is also well known to the readers of the Journal, as the author of Freemasons for Dummies (which is also the title of the site) as well as other important books. His blog, www.freemasonsfordummies.blogspot.com, is thought provoking and is often the first place on the web where new ideas and matters of interest are posted.

Many thanks for the kind words, Brother Jim.

There's no shortage of Masonic blogs on the web, as the growing list on the lower right of this page will attest, and checking in and keeping up with everyone's is getting to be a daunting, time-consuming task anymore. Two notable, influential mentions that didn't make it into Jim's article (it's a short space and an exhaustive topic) are The Burning Taper, and the late Theron Dunn's Beacon of Masonic Light. But there are dozens more, with brethren sharing ideas and experiences from literally all around the world.

Also in the July/August Scottish Rite Journal is an interesting article by brother Michael Halleran on the use of shibboleths as passwords in time of war, although Michael left out the WWII Pacific war standard, "Lucky Strike." The incorrect pronunciation of which emanating from an island cave might have meant a toasty finish at the business end of a flame-thrower.

Michael and co-author Martin Faulks have contributed what promises to be the first of a series of stories for the premiere issue of The Journal Of The Masonic Society. Michael also contributes the regular series Brother Brother's Journal to the SRJ, which is illustrated by Canadian Brother Ted "Bugsport" Bastien.


  1. Thanks for the kind words - your blog is a sign post pointing the way to the Masonic internet.



  2. Chris,
    I've always admired your writing, and now your choice of reading material deserves acclaim. For your readers who don't subscribe to the SR Journal, we post an electronic version a week or so after the hard copy hits the mail boxes. The current issue can be found at http://www.scottishrite.org/ee.php?/journal.
    S. Brent Morris


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