Sunday, June 29, 2008

Speaking in Alexandria, VA 7/19/08

Alice, Wiley the Wonder Poodle and I will be packing up the DummkopfwÀgon and heading to Virginia in July.

The Grand Lodge of Virginia is offering three Grand Master's Masonic Education seminars around the state in 2008. The programs will be held Saturday, July 12th at the Richmond Scottish Rite Center; Saturday, July 19th at the Alexandria Scottish Rite; and Saturday, August 23rd at the Roanoke Scottish Rite. At each location, the venue will open at 8AM, and the first speaker will be at 9AM.

The featured speakers will be W:.B:. Mark Tabbert ("American Freemasons: Past, Present and Future"), W:.B:. W. Kirk MacNulty (“The Secret Identity of Masons”), and W:.B:. S. Brent Morris (“Itinerant American Masonic Lecturers”).

Friend and brother Mark Tabbert is, unfortunately, unable to be at the Alexandria program on July 19th, so I will be filling in for him. My topic will be "Our Laudable Pursuit: Masonry's Challenges & Opportunities."

Many thanks to organizer Kerry Kirk and Grand Master Edmund Cohen for their kind invitation. I'm looking forward to meeting brethren from Virginia.


FD2L said...

The one week I won't be in D.C. on business and you are there!

Guess we will cross paths sooner or later.

-Bro Vick

The Plumbline said...

I can't wait to go! Thanks for making the trip. It will be a pleasure to meet you outside of the blogosphere! Until then!

Mark Koltko-Rivera said...

I deeply regret that I cannot attend this meeting. I hope that you and your fellow presenters find a way to get your remarks to the wider Masonic community.

I am also happy that you have recovered enough from your pneumonia that you can present at this event. My best regards to Lady Alice and Wiley the Wonderpoodle.

sbrentmorris33 said...

Interested readers might like to know that this will be the first time the "Dummy" and the "Idiot" have shared the platform. It could be a historic occasion!