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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AAAiiiieeee! Where'd My Beard Go!

Shaved for surgery, it's the first time my face has seen daylight since 1983.

Off to hospital.


  1. I wonder what the conspiracy theorists will say?

    Seriously, Brother Chris, my prayers are with you.

  2. As the wearer continuous facial hair since about 1992, I can relate. A similar fear of looking weird without my long hair discouraged me from getting rid of it for several years after I decided I was tired of being a damn hippie, but a job interview with a bank finally got me to chop off the hair. The goatee stays.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Bro. Christopher.

  3. Good luck my friend! We're all pullin' for your speedy recovery!

  4. Break a leg, Bro. Chris!

    Oh, wait...

  5. The Goiter Poem
    (by Michelangelo - yes thataaaaaaa Michelangelo)

    I’ve grown a goiter by dwelling in this den-
    As cats from stagnant streams in Lombardy,
    Or in what other land they hap to be-
    Which drives the belly close beneath the chin:
    My beard turns up to heaven; my nape falls in,
    Fixed on my spine: my breastbone visibly
    Grows like a harp: a rich embroidery
    Bedews my face from brushdrops thick and thin.
    My loins into my paunch like levers grind:
    My buttock like a crupper bears my weight;
    My feet unguided wander to and fro;
    In front my skin grows loose and long; behind
    By bending it becomes more taut and straight;
    Crosswise I strain me like a Syrian bow:
    Whence false and quaint, I know,
    Must be the fruit of squinting brain and eye;
    For ill can aim the gun that bends awry.
    Come then, Giovanni, try
    To succor my dead pictures and my fame;
    Since foul I fare and painting is my shame.
    (describing his work on the Sistine Chapel)

  6. The very best of luck to you Chris. Your medical team know what they are doing, so best wishes from York, and get well very soon.

  7. Here's to a fast, and safe recovery - and to expeditious (re)growth of your beard.


  8. Geez... I hope you can grow it back quickly. ;-)

  9. Wouldn't ya know it? I can't find a single Masonic charity that helps those with goiters!

    Good luck Chris. You're in our prayers.

    - Jay H.

  10. Best of luck, Brother! My moustache is older than you are, so I sympathise with your loss of facial hair. May it be swiftly restored, and you swiftly restored to health.

  11. Haven't i seen that face on America's Most Wanted?

    God speed on the recovery, and the beard.

  12. Good luck Brother! Looking forward to your return...

  13. Short report: All is well.

    Chris called me at 12:20 PM today. He went in to the hospital yesterday at 1PM and they operated for 4 hours starting at 3PM. Unfortunately it wasn't quite as easy as they hoped and they had to crack the top of his sternum slightly to get to the masses. The good news is that they did not have to do the full chest crack as feared.

    There were two masses the size of softballs, which were removed. They have been tested and they are free of cancer.

    He's talking (at length, so anyone who thought he'd be quiet for a while is out of luck), he has a massive appetite, and he's probably going to be able to go home tomorrow.

    The doctors say he will probably be looking at a 6-week recuperation to get back to 100%, but he will be up and around before that.

    Alice is home sleeping after having spent the entire night at the hospital :)

    I imagine Chris will be back up and posting later tonight if Alice can bring him his laptop.

    Although all good wishes are naturally appreciated, I know that both of them would also appreciate it if phone calls were limited for the time being while he gets his strength back. While his voice was strong and he spoke at length, it was pretty clear that he's tired.


  14. Here's to a speedy recovery and beard growth!

    AF&AM Of Delaware

  15. Parting with my beard - well no woman has been able to make me do that!

    Glad to hear you are doing OK! You have a lot of Brothers praying for you and as a Chaplain I told the GAOTU he had better be listening!

  16. Here's to a speedy recovery! And a pat on Alice's back as well ...

  17. I heard a rumor that the beard was donated to a poor needy Scottish Rite Valley for use in the 17th degree. Any truth to that? Inquiring minds what to know!

    Best of luck, prayers and money in the pushka for ya. Get well soon. And quit shaving. You'll scare the kids. ;-)

  18. You look better without the beard. But I guess you will now be off the John Fogerty look a like circuit for a while ;)

    Speedy recover. Were all praying for you.


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