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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I was in Macon, Georgia this week working at one of my real-world jobs. The day went well and we got finished quicker than expected. I happened to luck into the business meeting of Mabel Lodge No. 255 and I had the honor of meeting the Grand Master of Georgia, MWBro. F. Ray Jackson. I found him to be a gracious and generous gentleman, and enjoyed the lodge's warm hospitality. They serve up a fine pork chop.

Many thanks to their Worshipful Master Jammell Corliss, RWBro.Carl Dohn PGM, Grand Marshal Walt Bowers, and all of the other brethren I met this evening. Please forgive me for misspellings and omissions - I knew I should have been taking notes, and they don't have a website I can cheat off of!

I also had the pleasure of meeting several Prince Hall brethren who work at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. They went out of their way to help a hot, overweight Brother who had been broiling in the Georgia sun move lots of heavy camera cases, thereby saving me the embarrassment of passing out from heat stroke in the lobby. The hospitality has been outstanding here in Macon, and I wish I could have had more time to explore before heading home in the morning. I have to quit my other jobs - they're interfering with my Freemasonry!

BTW, I highly recommend two downtown Macon eateries. Luigi's Italian Restaurant is friendly, fun and has excellent food. And the Downtown Grill is absolutely outstanding. They put up with a group of ten of us, and the food and service was way above average. Sarah and Heather were great fun, knowledgeable and incredibly efficient with a large party. They deserve a raise. I recommend the mixed grill (filet mignon, lamb chop and quail), and order just one of the vanilla/cinnamon ice cream amaretto cakes for an entire table. It is as large as an average human head.

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  1. Brother Chris,

    Isn't it great how you can run into a Brother no matter where you are!



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