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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Speaking in Indiana Lodges in September

I will have the honor of speaking at the stated meeting of Plymouth-Kilwinning Lodge No. 149 in Plymouth, Indiana tomorrow night,  Thursday, September 1st. Dinner will be at 6:30PM, and lodge will open at 7:30PM. Many thanks to WM Steve Troyer for his kind invitation. 

I haven't visited them since March 2007 after the release of Solomon's Builders, back when RW Jim Barkdull was Grand Master. I understand from WB Steve that they are doing great things there.

The lodge is located at 109 Water Street in Plymouth.

Then next week, I will go right up the road from home to speak to the brethren of Hamilton Lodge No. 533 in Fishers, Indiana on Tuesday, September 6th.

My talk will be the influence of the symbolism and architecture of Egypt on modern speculative Freemasonry. Thanks to WM Jeff Jordan and JW Craig Witt for their kind invitation.

The lodge is located just east of I-69 off of Exit 205 - 116th Street. The address is 11466 Oak Dr, Fishers, IN

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