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Monday, September 02, 2013

Trouble in Battle Creek, MI

The Masonic Temple in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan was busted early Sunday moring in what authorities are calling a "drug-fueled orgy", according to several papers. The story has even hit the widely read Drudge Report online.

From the Daily Mail:

Officers were called to the prominent building in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan - which sits across a park from police headquarters - about 2.15am Sunday. They found five women dancing on stage naked. 
They also reportedly discovered a couple having sex in the lodge and several men standing around filming the action. 
WWMT-TV reports that authorities believe the Masonic Lodge, which is home of the secret society called Freemasons, has been used for such activities before and are working to shut the operation down. 
Police sources told WWMT that officers found a 'drug-fueled sex party' in the building and sent the revelers home.
The Battle Creek Freemasons refused to comment on camera for the TV station, but insisted that the orgy was not part of the secret society's rituals. They said the party was not sponsored by their group at all. 
Instead, they say, a party promoter paid $900 to rent the space for the night.
'Charlie' a Freemason spokesman, said the man renting the lodge told the Freemasons he would be hosting a dance party.  
The Freemasons said they checked on the party about 1am on Sunday and found nothing suspicious.
However, when officers arrived a little more than an hour later, they found debauchery, police sources told WWMT. 
City officials say they are considering fines and charges, both against the party promoters and the Freemasons who own the building.  
The report from WWMT does not specify whether drugs were found or seized. 
A summary of a police report printed in the Battle Creek Enquirer newspaper mentions only the naked women dancing on stage. Police said they told the women to dress and to leave the premises. 


  1. This seems to be the result of an overly-trusting temple association and an unscrupulous, or at best uncaring promoter...and an overwrought reporter trying to transmute a lead balloon of a story into journalistic gold. (I thought only we could do that.)

    "Debauchery" indeed. What journalism school did this reporter attend?

  2. It's the Daily Mail. Standard UK anti-Masonry.

  3. Please report back to let us know if the number of entered apprentices in Battlecreek experiences a sudden jump next month.

    frat. Eoghan

  4. ...but insisted that the orgy was not part of the secret society's rituals.

    The really funny part is that when they first published the story, The Mail omitted the word "not" in the above sentence.

    I kind of wish they hadn't corrected it - it might have helped boost membership in Michigan.

  5. IMHO, when a Temple like that is rented to a group, at least one member of the craft should be assigned to stay and watch and protect the building. I can not see leaving it totally open to the renters with no supervision.

    Russ Spice, Past President
    Masonic Temple Association of Detroit.

  6. Why is a temple where sacred ceremonies are held being rented out especially to adolecents that are always going to be out of control unless they are part of the craft.The older brother trust to much but dont know how hidden the unlightened can be witth there drug use?Molly is flouding the masses and guess what its a pill that takes about an hour to hit the body which inhanses the feeling of emotions and causes things like this to happen.I agee a brother should always have an all seeing eye in a sacred temple.


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