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Friday, July 27, 2012

Pennsylvania MM Degree in Indiana in September

On September 15, 2012, Mt. Moriah Lodge #77 will host a very special day. The Grand Masters Lodge in Pennsylvania, Butler Lodge #272 will travel to Mt. Moriah Lodge in Anderson, Indiana to exemplify, or, if their candidate can make it, actually confer the Master Mason Degree on a candidate from PA. The last time a Lodge from Pennsylvania came to Indiana to exemplify their work was during PGM Denny Herrells’ year, 2005-2006 at Howard Lodge #90.
Reservations for dinner and attendance are a must and can be made by contacting Mt Moriah’s Worshipful Master, Brother John Mathews at mailman7@comcast.net or by calling (765)642-8951 and leaving a full message. Your Ladies are invited to dinner should they wish to attend and just mention that in your RSVP for the event.
Lodge will open at 2:30pm with dinner at approximately 5:30pm if your Lady should attend. The Brethren from PA typically wear formal tails! Let us show our appreciation by wearing coats and ties for this event.

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