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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Back from France, I'm off to Boston

Alice and I are just back today from spending a week in Eze, a mountain village just outside of Monaco, in the south of France. An entire week of eating, drinking and being two great layabouts. My apologies if your emails haven't been answered, as I had no wi-fi connection, and probably wouldn't have signed on if I had. It's a trip I can heartily recommend, with two of our favorite restaurants on Earth.

If I ever agree to change planes at New York's JFK again, somebody please shoot me on the spot.

I'll be speaking on Saturday in Boston at three separate events, all at the grand lodge building. The day begins at the Massachusetts Lodge of Research, where I'll present my paper, "What's all of this Egyptian stuff doing in Freemasonry?" There is no charge for this event. In the afternoon, I'll conduct a group session on masonic research. The cost of the session is $25 and includes a parking voucher. And Saturday evening I'll be speaking at a Table Lodge hosted by MW Richard J. Stewart, Grand Master. Cost is $100, and includes parking, dinner and a firing glass. Proceeds go to the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory.


  1. Dear Bro.,
    It's pity that I don't know that you was in Eze in French Riviera because me I live to Vence that is a little city not to far to Eze (about 30 kms) and we'll be to meet us. And I would have been able to show you this marvelous region and also my Masonic Lodge.
    Yeah really pity. But if one day you return here you're welcome ;-)
    Best Wishes.
    Jeff Barani from Vence (French Riviera)

  2. Jeff, next time I will contact you. We always visit St Paul de Vence when we go and have dinner at Le Colombe d'Or.

  3. Dear Bro. Hodapp,
    Yeah I know "La Colombe d'Or" to St Paul ;-)
    And more personalities come here for Cannes Film Festival. And it's this month...
    Also if you'll come in St Paul de Vence - very very near to Vence !! --we'll can see us now that you've my email address.
    And I'll to know you my Obedience the GLTMF that is still little but works the Craft in Regular and Traditional ways.
    And of course we will make a GOOD lunch yesssss ;-)))
    Best Wishes dear Bro.
    Jeff Barani from Vence (French Riviera) and sorry for my english mistakes...

  4. Bro Chris, How about doing VIDEO of your presentations so the world can enjoy your efforts in perpetuity ? To be placed in the worlds first Masonic Video Library, Masonic Awareness @ the Speed of Light..With your energy you can certainly add many videos....???

  5. Sir best regards to you for your book and it's ability to clarify innaccuracies for those seekin Masonic light. With all of the paranoia on the Internet, your book is a brilliant and simple means of gaining clarity.

    Caleb William Haines
    Syracuse, NY

  6. P.s. I can't wait to visit my girlfriends hometown of Anduze in the south of France.


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