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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Indianapolis Prince Hall Thanksgiving

Several Broad Ripple Lodge brethren and I will again participate in the annual Indianapolis Prince Hall Thanksgiving dinner program. Last year more than 1,000 meals were served to the homeless, shut-ins and others who would otherwise not have a Thanksgiving dinner – an annual tradition that began back in 1983. Our lodge members have taken part in this event since 2002, and it's always a packed house.

The morning is always a labor of love, and brethren from PHA lodges and their Eastern Star ladies from all over the city take part in prepping, cooking, packing, cleaning up, answering the phones, and coordinating deliveries. And it's always great to reconnect with folks I haven't seen since the previous year.

Thanks to the Prince Hall Masons of Central Lodge No. 1, Trinity No. 18, Meridian Lodge No. 33, Southern Cross No. 39, Fidelity Lodge No. 55, Sumner A. Furniss No. 61 (and anyone else I might have forgotten!), for all that you do to help the community, and for keeping this program running strong year after year.

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