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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fund Raising For Joplin Scottish Rite

The Scottish Rite Valley of Joplin, Missouri did amazing work this year when the tornados ripped through the city, providing meals and a place to sleep for workers involved in the cleanup. The Valley was in need of funds and repairs before the disaster struck, and those problems have not gone away. The needs still remain to keep their magnificent building open and in good repair.

Prior to the tornados, the Valley had started a drawing to raffle off a new 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. Unfortunately, as you can imagine in the devastated area, ticket sales have been slow at best.

On October 19, 2011 the Scottish Rite Valley of Joplin will hold a drawing to award several prizes to the winning ticket holders. There will be only 2,000 tickets sold at $50 each, so odds of winning are good. The prizes to be awarded are:

The 500th, 1,000th and 1,500th ticket drawn win $100
The 1,999th ticket drawn wins $500
The 2,000th ticket drawn wins the new 2011 Chevy Camaro

The drawing will be held at the Scottish Rite Cathedral located at 505 South Byers Avenue in Joplin, Missouri. All ticket holders are welcome to attend but need not be present to win.

For more information and to get tickets online, visit www.Win-Camaro.com

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