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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pete Normand in Chicago April 7th

Tomorrow's Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago Stated Meeting at the Medinah Shrine Center, will be a special occasion. They will be filling the time capsule for their new building with Masonic memorabilia, pop culture icons, and other items of contemporary interest.

In addition to the dedication of the time capsule, the Valley will welcome special guest speaker, Pierre "Pete" G. Normand Jr. 33°, who will speak on the topic of "The Royal Arch Degree in the Scottish Rite Tradition." Pete is a Fellow of the Masonic Society, a member of the Blue Friars, the former editor of American Masonic Review, and of The Plumbline, the newsletter of the Scottish Rite Research Society and a noted Masonic writer and speaker.

The Medinah Shrine Center is located at 550 Shriners Drive in Addison, Illinois. The dinner at 5:30 is sold out, but the Stated Meeting will follow at 7:00 pm. It is open only to members of the Scottish Rite, and there is no cost to attend, followed by fun, fellowship, coffee and refreshments in the Oasis Lounge. And something tells me with Pete there, cigars will be involved somewhere along the line.

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