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Friday, October 23, 2009

"Hunting The Lost Symbol" Sunday 10/25

"Explore the fact in the fiction surrounding some of Washington, DC's most famous symbols, images, and legends."

So reads the description of the Discovery Channel's new program, "Hunting The Lost Symbol," this coming Sunday night, October 25th at 8PM, and again at 11PM (EST). The 2-hour show features Mark Tabbert, Brent Morris, Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Mark Koltko-Rivera, me, and Alice Von Kannon (my wife and co-author of Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies, and The Templar Code For Dummies), and many more.

DP Clay Harrison traveled to Indianapolis the day after Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol was released to interview Alice and me in Indiana Freemason Hall. (Alice is in the Knights Templar Asylum, home of Raper Commandery No. 1, and I am in the Egyptian-themed Red Cross Room, meeting place of Imhotep Council No. 434 Allied Masonic Degrees.)

I pass along my usual disclaimer: I have not seen the program, a script, or even a rough edit, so I will be as surprised as the rest of you on the 25th.

The program repeats November 1st at 4PM. And then, undoubtedly, ad infinitum.

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