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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interview on Public Radio's 'Interfaith Voices'

I'm back in the wee hours of Wednesday morning from a visit to the Grand Lodge of Missouri and addressing the Missouri Lodge of Research. More about this terrific trip when I catch up on my sleep.

While I was in Columbia, I ran over to the University of Missouri campus for a remote studio interview, discussing Freemasonry on public radio's weekly religious program, "Interfaith Voices". Many thanks to the show's host, Maureen Fiedler at WAMU in Washington, and to Pat Akers in Columbia for making the long distance tech side work. Also, a big thank you to senior producer Laura Kwerel for her efforts in setting up the interview and the remote. That can be a thankless job, and you made it easy.

The interview will air Sept. 25- Oct. 1 on 66 stations around the country. (List of stations and times here)

The episode is now archived here.

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