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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hawaii's Ko'olau Masonic Lodge

The Honolulu Advertiser has a refreshing article today about Ko'olau Masonic Lodge on the island of Oahu.

Keaka Hashimoto was installed Worshipful Master after a growing period of four years under the direction of Scott Waracka. Keaka is a relatively young freemason in comparison to many of the other Worshipful Masters who preceeded him, but what he lacks in experience, Keaka brings new energy and enthusiasm to his home lodge of Ko'olau...

The Ko'olau lodge has been serving the windward side of Oahu and is made up of Freemasons living on this side of the island. Most Worshipful Donald Wilson states, "It is interesting to see that the membership is made up of younger men ever seen in a fraternal organization and that the restructuring and rebuilding of the lodge is growing each year. To see freemasonry increasing in numbers, especially in the younger men, thrills my heart and allows me to see a beacon of hope for the fraternity which in previous years has shown a decline".

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