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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Travels to Texas, Alaska and Masonic Week

So I awoke this morning to get ready to go downtown for Alice's installation ceremony in the Social Order of the Beauceant, and the news greets me that it's minus 78 degrees in Alaska.

This does matter to me, really it does.

I will be traveling to San Antonio, Texas to speak to the brethren of Perfect Union Lodge No. 10 on January 31st, at the University of the Incarnate Word, Stanley and Sandra Rosenberg Sky Room. I'm truly looking forward to this event. I have always loved San Antonio, and this will be my first Masonic trip to Texas.

Hopefully, I'll store up a little excess body warmth. because I fly home on February 1st, and then on the 2nd, I head for Kodiak, Alaska for the annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Alaska.

After that, it's off to Masonic Week in Alexandria, Virginia, and the premiere First Circle gathering and Banquet for the Masonic Society. Our guest speaker will be the renowned Yasha Beresiner from London.


EDIT: My friend Russ Spice in Detroit reminds me of the scariest fact of all: "Did you think about the fact that at -78 degrees, it could rise up by a whopping 109 degrees, and water would still be in solid form?"

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  1. I know that my brothers of Perfect Union #10 and myself are looking forward to your visit!

    I will be sending you an e-mail with the itinerary shortly.

    -Bro Vick


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