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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Masonic Book Day

It must be Masonic Book day. And nobody even told me.

The post brought two surprises today. The first was the selection of the Masonic Book Club for 2008, "The Antiquities Of Freemasonry," an 1855 volume by the Reverend George Oliver. The Club puts out one hardback, numbered book annually. Membership in the club is limited to 1,500 members.

For more information, send your request for membership to the Masonic Book Club c/o Robin Carr, Secretary, 1811 Hoover Drive, Normal IL 61761-2202 along with a check for $15 US & Canada/$20 for members in other countries. There is no electronic contact. Just send in your money and wait with patience. There is generally no contact for a long time, then a book just magically appears.

The other surprise was the bonus book for the Scottish Rite Research Society. "Masonic Clothing And Regalia: British and Continental," a lavish reprint of an 1897 volume by Fred J. W. Crowe. Beautifully illustrated with 36 color plates, it was the first of its kind when published, and extremely rare (and expensive!) to find today. Past gems from the SRRS have included rare works by Albert Pike, the impressive history "Valley Of The Craftsmen" and other hidden gems from the library of the House of the Temple. The $45 annual dues also includes the annual hardbound collection of SRRS papers, Heredom, and quarterly editions of the Society's newsletter, The Plumbline.


  1. The Crowe book is indeed magnificent (mine came yesterday as well).

    I've just sent off a check to the Masonic Book Club. Been meaning to do that for years. Thanks for reminding me :)

  2. Dear Nathan Brindle, could you provide some insight to the Crowe book? I am interested to know if there is any mention of Romanian/Roumanian craft - any medal, certificate, clothing? I have seen a review stating it, but did not have the chance to inspect the book itself. Your feedback would be most appreciated. Many thanks!


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