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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Colorado GL Alcohol Ban Lifted

Preliminary reports just in from the annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Colorado, held this weekend in Colorado Springs, say that a resolution to eliminate the ban on alcohol in Masonic buildings has passed.

Common sense has arrived in Colorado.

More details as I get them.

Update: The new rule allows for the consumption of alcoholic beverages at Agapes, Festive Boards, ceremonies, or tyled table lodges. At tyled table lodges, degrees may not be conferred and business may not be transacted if drinking is occurring.

Otherwise, the only prohibition in Colorado now is that Masons may not drink intemperately.


  1. Three cheers and a toast to the Colorado Masons! Skoal!

    Widow's Son

  2. I don't even drink alcohol myself, but I do applaud the use of common sense in allowing brothers who choose to do so. How long until this reaches California, I wonder?

  3. Daddy Rich wonders when Colorado's lifting of the booze ban will reach California. As one who is frequently exposed, around the world, to European and English-oriented lodges, many of which are little more than (VERY) boozy lunch and supper clubs, my fervent prayer is never! Brian Richard Allen - CA 307

  4. Sorry, Brian, but those of us who are adults tend to think otherwise. Masons should understand the concept of being grown-up enough in order to know when to have a few drinks and then stop.

    I've noticed that those lodges in my area that allow a few beers or some sips of nice scotch after a meeting tend to have more active membership than those lodges which ban alcohol.

    Do we need scotch in order to attract members? Of course not. But should we treat our members like 16 year olds?


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