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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Time, Attendance and the 24 inch Gauge

Brother Kurt Kurosawa posted an interesting idea on the Masonic Light Forum today. He visited a lodge in the Philippines that, at its stated meetings they have a 40% attendance rate - about 20 attendees out of a total of 50 members.

They have a lesson about the 24 inch gauge which:

"teaches us that all men are gifted with the same good measure of time each day to discharge all their duties in life, as well as for work, refreshment and rest, but they remind each other that a 30-day month contains 720 hours, so that the bare minimum involvement of attending a stated communication, if it consumes 4 hours, would demand of them only half of one percent of their time."

Isn't your lodge worth one half of one percent of your time?

Is your lodge worth one half of one percent of your members' time?


  1. indeed , a very interesting idea and concept.

  2. Well put. Hopefully more brothers will read and make time for their Lodges.

  3. I like that thought, we always say you get out of Masonary what you put in.


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