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Sunday, July 08, 2007

GLNF Paris Masonic Museum Online

The Grande Loge Nationale Française website has been recently given a facelift, and includes an extensive trip through part of its Paris museum collection. Sorry, no English version yet (the link is dead).

Also be sure to check out the views of the GLNF's lodge rooms, especially the large Grand Lodge room. When they built their modern headquarters, they constructed a large ceremonial lodge room for big events, but much smaller, more intimate lodge rooms for regular meetings – a design that makes so much more sense than having big, empty, barn-like rooms for just 10 or 12 members to feel lonely in. But what I really like about the GLNF's design is the beautiful modern take on the traditional form of lodge room design and decoration. (You can see in the panoramic shot of the Grand Lodge room, if you look up, the unique open grid in the ceiling with a sense of a star-decked canopy).

Compare it to the very different Grande Loge de France's Paris headquarters, located in an 18th century former church. Both are beautiful, just two very different approaches.

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