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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Last night the brethren of Major General John A. Logan Lodge #575 initiated a new brother in one of the most unique presentations I've ever seen. The room was illuminated solely by candlelight, and the room was scented with incense. The Bible reading was beautifully chanted by Brother Phillip Garver, who is a gnostic bishop and the SW of my own Lodge Vitruvian #767.Prior to the degree, the candidate was placed in a Chamber of Reflection, complete with the proper accessories of that tradition. And Brother Gary Messer, a talented artist, contributed special props, along with a newly painted mosaic floorcloth, complete with a blazing star and indented tessel. For brethren of Indiana, these are all very unique and non-traditional flourishes. For the candidate, they made an enormous impact, and made the evening even more memorable.

Bravo to WBro. Jim Lindsey PM, his officers, members and Past Masters for bringing these elements of Traditional Observance lodges to downtown Indianapolis! Logan Lodge was on the ropes just three years ago, held together by a dedicated but dwindling core group. A group of Masons from across Indianapolis saw the opportunity to help the brethren of Logan keep their lodge, while trying new and innovative ideas to reinvigorate it. Last night they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

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